Tuesday, September 7, 2010


After a camping weekend, one craves the comforts of home. The problem begins when one arrives to find that home - and dog - utterly skunked.

We were hardly out of the car when I smelled it - the pungent, aggressive skunkiness. Occasionally a skunk is hit on the road near our house and we smell it for a few hours, but this skunk scent was in-your-face.

Sweet old Captain Nemo came jogging out of the garage - happily seeking love - only to be met with his humans coiling away from him and reaching out to grab their toddler. It had to be the sweetest, biggest, oldest dog. Sigh.

Today when I breezed in to teach my Tuesday/Thursday class, it occurred to me that I might reek of eau d'skunk. The smell is so thick in our garage and kitchen that it permeates everything. Of course I'd planned one-on-one conferences about essay topics...

I washed Nemo down after dinner tonight (he got the old man zoomies afterward!) and have the dog beds from the garage in the wash. I've heard some interesting remedies today - tomato soup baths and solutions made of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and baking soda.

As of now, it feels hopeless, but I'm sure a little patience (and maybe a fortuitous head cold?) will get us far.


  1. having experienced this too up close and personal.......tomato juice works........just might have to do it a few times!!!!!!! my family had an english setter that got skunked........he walked around pink for a few weeks after more than a couple tomato juice baths!!!!!!!!!! xo
    good luck!

  2. wish i could have seen neems get the old man zoomies. aw. sorry he is stinky! soph-l would LOVE to get skunked. Gorgeous camping trip pics. love!!