Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Portraits

The Dogtor took some fall portraits while out and about in the yard last weekend. Fray can now sport pigtails AND her fall/winter clothes, which are too big for her today - but soon....

Don't you love the way gravity works on those cheeks?

Also pictured:
  • Captain Nemo, our first dog, he of unknown age and sweet disposition
  • Greta, our first cat, and the reason I'm a crazy cat lady. She's so damn mean that every cat I've meant since seems phenomenal. And I love her anyway, even when she's off her meds and growling at herself in a dark corner.
  • Pippa. Energizer corgi. Herds babies, chickens, goats, old horses, adults, and other dogs.
Our first winter storm is expected to bear down this weekend. This is when running gets interesting.

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