Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Once Upon a Reading

I was asked to join a reading at Newtonville Books in Newton, MA to help promote the New Stories From the South anthology. I was so pleased to be asked. Like, really pleased. Like, dancing around my house pleased. How often does one get to read with Amy Hempel and Bret Anthony Johnston?

Not often.

Of course, the night before I was supposed to go, Fray was diagnosed with a double ear infection and roseola (measles-ish thing.)

It was one of those Dark Mom Moments where you find yourself hogtied in a gray area. Before Fray's nap, I had resolved to cancel my appearance. After her nap, a happier girl appeared (thank you, antibiotics). Still, the Dogtor had to push me out of the door.

But to Newton I went.

So here's the thing - alone time in the car is kind of novel, which resulted in three and a half hours of bad power-singing - Whitney Houston to Wham! to Rage Against the Machine to Journey and onward. And then I pulled up at the reading, wondering what would happen when I opened my mouth to read. Would anything come out? Would I have a voice?

I did. Phew.

Newtonville Books is a super charming independent bookstore - equal parts smart and darling. The owners were beyond kind and fun. The audience was warm. My fellow readers were excellent. AND - I was asked to sign the back wall of the store - like I was a real writer or something! GASP.

I signed in the most discrete place I could find, down near the electrical sockets, lest anyone accuse me of getting full of myself.

Three plus hours of driving later, I was back in Vermont around midnight, and ready to squeeze a much healthier Fray in the morning.

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  1. I miss you and wumpus! Safe travels. Love, Auntie Em