Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Busy Spider

One of Frasier's favorite books is Eric Carle's The Very Busy Spider. The book is a good fit for the Bergman mode of life...a life constant projects.

As I sit in my office - a one-eyed white cat on my lap, down jacket on, space heater going, trying to bang out an article - I find myself distracted by what is legitimately a Very Busy Spider.

The spider has been inhabiting the space between my office window panes for weeks now. This morning I decided her web was sagging. Sure enough, by 10 she had started rebuilding. An hour later and she's still going. She started by cleaning house - breaking the saggy threads and balling them up. She used the ball to re-center her web. She's a crafty weaver. I can't stop watching her efficient little tugs and punches.

I'm trying not to worry about the lady bug, who, from what I can see, is the only potential prey between the panes this morning.

In other news, I will be adding to my list of projects. Yesterday I was elected to serve as a Justice of the Peace for the town of Shaftsbury. I'm excited and ready to join couples of any kind; that's the beauty of Vermont. And the tax review part - well - that's not as romantic, but I'm ready. Here's to an even busier mode of being.


  1. You are a crafty weaver.

    And congrats on the Justice-ship! Hm... maybe we should replan our wedding for VT (that sounds appealing right now) ;)

  2. Suse - I am the worst weaver EVER. I think the last weaving I did was in elementary school and involved rubber-band like fabric that made an ugly 5x5 pot holder. I have nothing on this spider.

    I will marry you guys any time. Apparently I'll be legally able to do so after Feb 1 and anywhere in VT. My powers will be useless in VA - I'll just have to dance instead. It will be an excellent contribution, I promise.

  3. Congratulations on the election! Way to go. And I'd come to VT just so you could do the honors. :)

  4. Those woven things are strangely called a "god's eye"... at least, they were in my childhood.... oy.