Monday, November 15, 2010

Dog Hygiene

Yesterday - with the almost warm sun shining down on us - the Dogtor and I got out the Zoom Groom (good for beagle hair), the Furminator (good for all hair), the nail clippers, and flea and tick preventative.

We aren't regular dog bathers - they have to really roll in something green and dead or absolutely noxious to earn a wash. But before we all get trapped inside for the winter, it's a good idea to make sure everyone is reasonably well kept.

Jack - aka Monsieur Scooty Beags - is Captain Pitiful during dog hygiene runs. He's a total wimp about getting his nails cut, but he lingers around the scene before it's his turn because he knows there are treats involved. He can't help himself. The other dogs run and hide and cower, but he cowers at close range, ready to earn his just reward.

One-eyed Kitteh Pi likes getting groomed - who knew? He stretched out like any good cat-dog and let the Dogtor Furminate him. One more reason to love the latest rescue.


  1. I love the Furminator! Have never even thought of using it on the cat. His shaved parts (at the vet, to get off the mats) are starting to grow back -- maybe should start Furminating him now. :)

  2. Saw your guest editor blog on Ploughshares. In any case it wouldn't take my comment--I did enjoy your Sept 22 post.
    Just started a blog as a Southern writer and was searching blogs for Southern writers, stories, etc.
    I don't have any goats or horses, but I do have two cats and a part time dog (my granddog). But you shouldn't ever bathe 'em. That's what rain is for.
    P.S. I love South Carolina---so much so, that as a young man I spent several weeks at one of the lovely coastal islands there---------Parris

  3. Hi Paul - Super nice to hear from you! Granddogs are a good deal - my parents ended up with four. :)