Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend in Review

1. I don't care what the calendars say - it's winter. Monday morning we woke up to high winds and the dubious "wintry mix" - or, to a Southerner calling it like she sees it - aggressive ice pellets.

Suddenly, carrying a toddler across the driveway to the car becomes a dangerous mission. I start planning ways to fall (backward, not forward). I curse the number of bags I seem to need to drive Frasier from Point A to Point B.

The dogs cower in the garage, begging to be let in - they haven't acclimated to the weather change yet. Neither have I. Checking the weather in the mornings is not an option.

2. Frasier looks awfully cute in her winter gear.

3. Frasier's favorite word from the weekend: SPICY! (spi-sscthey). It applies to everything, apparently even Mama's chocolate chip banana bread.

4. Friday night, the Dogtor took me on a Real Date to Hattie's in Saratoga - a charming place with tea, pies, fried chicken, and gourmet mac and cheese, which the Dogtor ordered. It was smoky, rich, and baked to a buttery crunch on top.

Hattie's is one of my Happy Places. As in, I take my time eating, because I don't want to leave. I love the gingham tablecloths, the happy buzz, the cheap lights, the old photographs.

5. I'm officially slipping into the winter day routine: I wear elastic waistband pants with warm boots and a fleece (one of the major perks of living in Vermont - super casual winters). I make hot tea and schlep it across the driveway to my cold office in the old vet clinic, where I am surrounded by outdated books on goat husbandry and labels that say scary things like "Fecalyzer." I flip on the space heater, and a purring impaired one-eyed cat hops in my lap and wheeze-purrs happily.

Work is done, wintry mix slapping against the windows.


  1. The aggressive ice pellets are hitting us as well. I'm just thankful I purchased new snow tires last week. Please tell me the sun does shine sometimes in the VT winter!

  2. Chelsea - smart move on the tires. The sun occasionally shines during Vermont winters, but not enough for me! But I must admit, even when it's gloomy here, it's still beautiful. Hope to see you guys sometime soon!

  3. Fecalyzer--love it! Great description of seasonal change where you are. I wonder what was in that mac-and-cheese. Would love to replicate it. Sounds like the perfect comfort food for aggressive ice pellet-y weather (not that we have much of that here in balmy DC)!