Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kitteh Edits

Why must cats nest on whatever you're working on? What makes them think this strategy will endear them to you and not send you into a blind fit of rage?

Narcissism -that's what. It is completely incomprehensible to a houselion that they are an inferior priority in any circumstance.

I'm working through book-length edits and will probably owe my editor an explanation about the hair and drool spots.

Luckily, kitteh makes such a pleasant sleep-purr that instead of shooing him away, I pull out the pages I need and let him sleep on my work.

Update: Kitteh #2 has moved in. It's like hard work is some sort of challenge and they must reaffirm their ability to distract you with faux-love. Like, okay, whew, still got it.

Always professional in VT,

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