Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vick, Frey, and Redemption

I have a love/hate relationship with stories that fall in my lap and demand to be written. This essay on Michael Vick, James Frey, and Redemption Narratives was that way.

It took me a while to write, mainly because I kept revising. One version was too choked up with my strong feelings about Vick and my ESPN obsession. Another was long and winding. But it kept clawing at the inside of my brain until I got it all on paper, and I felt a strong urge to get it right.

I'm not sure I got it right, but I got something, and as always, I'd love your thoughts.

For your reading pleasure: My latest Ploughshares post on Michael Vick, James Frey, and the Power of Redemption Narratives

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  1. 500% Fair, competent analysis. I think you got it right!!

    Love you 4.