Thursday, January 27, 2011

Better Get to Steppin'

As Fray demonstrates, walking in "deep snow" can get difficult around here. (Toddler grunt = very cute.)

Cue vintage Tina: Better Get to Steppin'. Totally different kind of steppin, but steppin.

With the extra snow, and my encumbered status as a pregnant lady/increasingly reluctant runner, snowshoeing is where it's at. When the snow is deep and you're making fresh tracks, it's a great workout.

Sometimes I get to cheat a little and use the Dogtor's tracks (though his stride is hard for me to maintain) - but one can often put money on the fact that a Dogtor route will involve hills - hills that he will make look easy while I grit my teeth and summon my inner goat. (Capricorn!)

Yesterday I hit the trail solo, and was delighted by a rogue beam of sun that followed me for a few minutes. There is something remarkable about a walk in the woods alone, especially in winter. I wish I could bottle up a bit of the clear headedness I feel after traipsing about in the cold woods for an hour.

Oh, and what kind of screwed up weather am I living in when 28 degrees feels balmy? Must be that sweet little inner-parasite warming me up. 17 weeks to go.


  1. I just put Van in my lap to watch this video of Fray and he got so jazzed to watch his big cousin bravely tramping through all that snow. So cute! I am impressed Fray wump!

  2. Maybe we're both crazy...I was HOT yesterday at 32 degrees!

  3. So where are Fray's snowshoes? :)