Monday, January 3, 2011

Final Ploughshares Post - An Editing Strategy in Winter

I've been going hard since September, and now my blogging duties at Ploughshares are done. I enjoyed the weekly challenge of coming up with new content, and became a fan of the mini-web essay format.

Final Essay: An Editing Strategy in Winter

I sign off with a nod to fellow Vermont writer Elliott Merrick - check him out if you have the time. I know there are 2 million farm memoirs, but he's the original deal - an Ivy League educated city boy with no money grabbing up a hardscrabble farm in the Depression era. Top that. I can't.

He will charm you, I promise. I'm reading his collection Cruising at Last right now. The cover is very 1994-Someone-Discovered-Print-Shop, and I believe it was put together posthumously, so it lacks the total polish and cohesiveness of his earlier work - but it's still wonderful. He builds his own sailboat with his wife and sails the Carolina coast. Dream.

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