Sunday, January 16, 2011

Give a Chicken a Bath

You's just the normal Sunday afternoon at the Mayhew-Bergman house. The living room is still stuffed with the painters' ladders and drop cloths. Dishes are half in, half out of the newly painted cabinets. Fresh banana-chocolate chip-nut muffins are on the counter top.

And so is a chicken.

Miss Djuna, our only silkie hen, has not been doing well. She's been hiding out in the coop while the other chickens peck about in the goat stall and in the pasture's snow, weaving between the goat and horse legs. She's missing out on some fun. We think she may be egg bound.

So what do you do for an egg bound chicken? The same thing you do for most ladies in distress - offer her a warm bath. Then you dry her off (little silkie afro = insanely fun to dry and poof), put her in a cat crate, and let her hang out on the kitchen table in front of the woodstove. (A wet chicken in 20 degree weather is a dead chicken. She needs drying time.)

The Dogtor even let me palpate her abdomen. I'm sure I did something helpful, even if I didn't know what I was touching, because I found a big #2 in the towel after the bath. That's right.

And so we'll watch some football later, make dinner, wipe the muddy dog snow-prints off the kitchen floor for the thousandth time, and do our best to keep the cats away from the crate. And pretend like it's totally normal to have a silkie on the table.

(Will Frasier go to college thinking it's normal to have LIVE chickens on the dinner table?)

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