Friday, January 28, 2011

The Rituals of Houselions

Photo 1: How to Make Love to a Blanket

This is Beamer, a totally humorless Maine Coon cat, who is utterly and awkwardly in love with my blanket. (Frasier calls this blanket "Big Lovey" because it's soft like her Lovey.)

Beamer is the oldest cat in the house and the one whom the other cats tend to steal food from. He has a small meow. But then he also peed on our bed at 2 AM one morning and sings weird songs on the staircase at night, so I think he's crazier than the other cats give him credit for.

Photo 2: Solid Gold!

I know to many of you this just looks like a cat licking, you know, its butt. But this is Greta - our tin hat schizophrenic cat - and I like to think of this pose as her version of jazz hands. Whenever I see that little paw thrust in the air, I hear the intro to Solid Gold.

(Tangent - I think Fray is going to be one step ahead in life because she won't grow up thinking Solid Gold represents the pinnacle of civilization.)

1 comment:

  1. Megan! My cat Mosely, who is part Maine Coon, does the same thing to my yellow blanket. All I have to do is plop him down on top of it and he works himself into a sexual fervor going bananas paw-dancing and nuzzling the s** out of it! Hilarious!