Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Signs of Spring

My desire for spring to come as early as possible (with all due respect to the environment and what it needs) is twofold:
  • One, my southern soul is damn sick of winter, ice, complicated driving, colds, and stir-crazy animals.
  • Two, my winter jacket won't zip up respectably anymore. I can zip it - and I take pride in that - but my pregnant belly tugs at the seams, and that's just not cute. So I've been breezing around with my long black coat flapping open Matrix-style, and all that's missing is the pleather jumpsuit and heavy weaponry.
...but there are reasons to be optimistic. For one, the weather has jumped in and out of the THIRTIES people. The THIRTIES. Which means I've gotten some good snow shoeing in -see the photo of the lovely horses from Mile Round Woods above.

Another sign of hope: the hens are laying three eggs a day again! Go, ladies, go! They are celebrating the increased daylight, as am I.

We've also continued to work on our house in advance of Baby #2, at whose arrival all normal endeavors and projects will cease and we will simply concentrate on survival. The (dirty, rusted) vintage hand-painted trays I love are on our newly yellow kitchen walls. They combat the winter blues, even if they hang a little funny. Happiness.

In a final sign that the snowy humdrum is subsiding, Fray-monster decided she was really into the Go-Go's during yesterday's car ride. After the song was over she continued to assure me that Mama had the beat, Frasier had the beat, and Dada had the beat...yeaaaaah -WE GOT IT!

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  1. Beautiful photos! I love the horses and am a total sucker for trays and little wall "vignettes" like that one.

    Based on what I've read in your blog, I predict that you will have no trouble wrangling two children! The poop scene in your previous post is clear proof that you're ready. : )