Monday, February 7, 2011

Sizing Up

I just got back from AWP. Riding the train for 7 hours while 24 weeks pregnant was not that awesome, but I did get to see some great friends, and had a phenomenal time at the reading sponsored by the Kenyon Review.

As for trying to look cool while at the conference - let's just say that I'm ecstatic that I'll never have to try to look cool and comfortable again while approaching my third trimester.

The Dogtor and Frasier scooped me up Saturday afternoon in Albany, and I haven't wanted to let go of Fray since. Or the Dogtor, for that matter.

Yesterday morning we set off on a snowshoe with friends to trek across a few beautiful fields and onto Norman Lear's property, where we saw the largest red oak tree in Vermont.

Who measures these things? I don't know. But the tree was pretty darn big, and stunning. So stunning that when I caught sight of it, I fell on my face.

The Wipeout: As you know, I have been determined to act "normal" while pregnant the second time around and keep exercising as much as possible, but normal laughed at me yesterday when I tried to go off trail on snow shoes and ate it, falling forward into a snowbank.

MMB's Pride: Get up. Now.

MMB: I can't.

MMB's Pride: Yes you can. You are normal. Get up fast before more people see you.

MMB: I'm like an overturned turtle. I can't move on my own. My body has changed in a thousand ways and the snow is deep -

MMB's Pride: Don't play the pregnancy card. Get up! Get up, you oaf!

MMB: I really can't. (tries, fails. tries again. fails.) My snowshoes are folded up underneath me and I am chest-deep in a shelf of icy snow.

MMB's Pride: For chrissake. I'm humiliated.

MMB: I know. But look at all these nice people rallying around you to help -

MMB's Pride: Don't look them in the eye.

MMB: But it feels so nice to be upright again...

MMB's Pride: You are weak. Very weak.

We ended the day in Brattleboro with friends, where we got to eat delicious food (don't you love friends who cook well?) and went antiquing. And junking.

I struck off this morning on snow shoes and managed to stay off my face, to the delight and safety of the child I'm carrying.

35 degrees and sun feels like...spring.


  1. thanks for the brunch shout-out! tell your pride to go easy on my pregnant friend. ;] xo

  2. Ditto Taina's comment. Take it easy MMB pride. Frasier is so beautiful. I love her curly blonde hair!! Cannot wait to snuggle and chase her around. And kiss a sweet new Bergman baby!