Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I Wore to My Inauguration

Two weeks ago, I finished a snowshoe and walked right into the Town of Shaftsbury's offices and took my oath as a brand-spanking-new Justice of the Peace.

Now in the south, one would need lipstick and a dress - or at least the appearance of being showered - for such an event. But this is Vermont, and I wore fleece leggings, snow-choked hiking boots, blue gaiters, and a down jacket - with my very pregnant belly leading the way. I was too hot to keep my winter hat on, so I was rocking a gorgeous, sweaty hat-head look.

And no one batted an eyelash.

(Yeah - they gave me the old Meghan treatment on my document. Nothing like a rogue H to make you feel important.)

Keeping it real, and at times real homely -
Your elected official in Shaftsbury,

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  1. Multi-tasking as always, I see! How cool. Congrats!