Monday, March 21, 2011

Concentrating on Spring Cheer

...instead of the snow storm outside.

We had a great time at the wedding of two incredible friends this weekend in Charlottesville. We also LOVED seeing our North Carolina family Wednesday and Thursday.

My mode of existence has now been reduced to Jabba the Hut. Not only am I 30+ weeks pregnant, but I'm apparently wildly anemic. When I mentioned my hematocrit levels in front of my veterinarian friends, they said: You're like an old cat.

Thank you.

And you may be wondering, after looking at the picture above (super plum!), how I manage to stay upright. I'm not really sure. I almost didn't while getting my cardio-vacuum on this morning.

So - after a weekend of travel and minor pregnant dancing, I'm jumping on the enormous pile of work and new baby preparation in front of me. And yes, we're still renovating/redecorating our house. And yes, this is all going to happen before the new baby arrives.

And no - do not say this to me: Are you having twins?

Or: There's an excellent neo-natal unit in Charlottesville.

Or: You must be about to give birth any day now!

Because I'm not. I have WEEKS of this left. Weeks. weeks. weeks.

Thank you for doing your part to preserve my self-esteem,


  1. Well, first of all, you look beautiful!! I won't say any of those things you mentioned but I will say I hope the time passes easily and quickly and joyfully and Spring is coming and soon you'll be holding your new one and you'll be overtaken by amnesia all over again. ;)

  2. Hang in there, you still look beautiful and I'm sure it will all come together just in time.

  3. that dress was a bold choice -- in a good way. i dig it MAJORLY!
    keep kicking ass!

  4. I love this picture of you and Z. Miss you guys already. Van woke up this morning looking around for everyone! :) Get some rest!

  5. Megan, It was great to meet you in person at the wedding! Too bad we didn't get more of a chance to chat. Good luck with all of your projects (especially the little one humming away in your belly!). Hope that our paths will cross another time when we're both a little less preoccupied!


  6. You guys are great! Thanks for the happy vibes. I'm grateful.

  7. For your cat-like crit- try getting a bottle of Floradix - take it three times daily. My anemic pregnant ladies like it SO much better than anything else ;)

  8. Danielle - I'm looking into Floradix immediately - thanks for the recommendation. The iron is killing me. Cat-like-crit. Yes. Awesome. :)