Sunday, March 13, 2011

One-Eyed Greatness

Kitteh Pi is, for the most part, thriving in his new life at the Mayhew-Bergman's.

He picked up the water system, and understands his kitchen clean-up duties well.

He's still getting beaten up by the other cats - he's a bit of an oaf and though he's larger than everyone, he's submissive. I love him for it, though he's not doing himself any favors. He gets the "zoomies" - zipping up and down the stairs and playing with anything that moves, though we think his depth perception is, understandably, a little off.

Pi's best quality is that he doesn't use his claws - he's a sweetheart with Fray - very trustworthy. With food on the counter, not so much - but cat-trust can only go so far.

Verdict = still smitten.

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