Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's Scarier?

Three medium dogs on the couch with laser eyes - OR - Kevin Garnett?

What's going down today: Laundry. Dinner already made. Fray at school. Car filled up with gas. Instructions for OPA for watching Wump because I'm at the Celtics game tonight with Dogtor. Conference calls. Edits. Workout. A visit to a Brattleboro salvage yard. Boston. Dinner with friends. Celtics vs. Phoenix Game (look for the super-preggo girl in a green scarf). Back to VT. Crash.

My body is still recovering from the metal folding chair I spent quality time in yesterday while attending to my first Justice of the Peace Duties...election help. If I walk into the Garden like the Tin Man, I'll be right on par with half the Celtics team.

Music for the car ride - Shaq's discography. On second thought...

KG Photo Credit

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  1. Turns out KG was pretty scary. Our seats were great and we could view his intensity - and he had a monster game. Yay!