Monday, April 11, 2011


There are a lot of things on the cusp of happening here at the Mayhew-Bergman farmette.

First and foremost, I have an enormous belly, with a very active little girl inside of it. In the next few weeks, if all goes well, we will have another little human in our lives - this never fails to blow my mind. (Which is one reason I'm not sleeping - I keep blowing my own mind at 3 AM thinking - she's coming! Life is about to change! How am I going to put two children down to sleep? What happens when Wumpus #1 throws a tantrum or sprints toward the road?)

The snow has finally receded from the gardens - and there are those blank plots - waiting for more nutrients, waiting to be planted. Waiting on us to decide how much gardening we think we can handle with two babies.

A renovation of our bathroom and master bedroom is under way. There are old chestnut planks ready to go in, a cast iron sink we procured at a salvage yard. The bathroom must take shape - and soon.

The water-damaged ceilings are patched and about to be painted. The crib needs to be assembled. Birds are building nests in the barn. New chicks are about to be ordered. Frasier's birthday tricycle is in a box, waiting to be put together (by someone capable of following directions. In other words, not me.)

It feels like we are on the verge of something. Chaos? Life, version 3.0? (a nap?)

It's a little hectic, but, friends, there is momentum. My energy is dwindling, and I breathe heavily - like those 500 pound women who take the elevator and drink a 2 -liter of Mountain Dew with lunch - but I think we can get it all done.


  1. No worries! We wondered how we'd cope with two, but then we did somehow. Ditto when baby #3 happened 20 months later. It just works out, our tolerance shifts, our kids grow more independent. Enjoy!

  2. Perri - I love reassurance of any kind! :)