Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Wind

Here's what you need to know:

1. Wumpus flew her first kite this weekend. And let it go, and the Dogtor had to chase it into the pasture. Luckily the man has a long wingspan and good reach.

2. We went to see Iron and Wine (and Low Anthem) at MASS MoCA. They were spectacular. Standing room only. I sat on the floor and leaned against the Dogtor's leg - rather shamelessly. 34 weeks pregnant, anemic, and concert going = ill advised. But fun.

And the Iron/anemia connection is not lost on me. I hope I was fortified via audio input.

3. The house continues to transform. Furniture is moving. Things are on the walls (including a really fun "antiques" sign original to the house (fifties?) that the Dogtor's parents turned into a whelping box for puppies.)

Major hurdle left to go: everyone changes bedrooms. 3 bedroom switch. GO.

4. I loathe this part of pregnancy. Waddling. People making comments about twins and popping and generally just looking at me with wide eyes like: why are you out of bed? Wumpus elbowing my womb, cats using it as a stepping stool to my shoulder. Maternity shirts no longer fitting.

I am a small girl with a big baby. The end is in sight. Repeat: the end is in sight.

5. Wumpus turns 2 on Thursday. J'adore my precocious, outdoors-loving, tantrum-throwing firecracker!

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