Monday, April 25, 2011

The Wumpus Birthday Weekend

I thought it was impossible to have a fun weekend while 35 weeks pregnant, but apparently it's not.

We kicked off the "I'm 2" Wumpus Celebration Weekend on Thursday morning with banana nut chocolate chip muffins. Wumpus was gifted a toy microphone (BAA BAA BLACKSHEEP HAVE NO WOOOOOL) garden tools and a trike that is meaner than any tricked out hog you've seen on the roads. Tassles. Chrome.

Dear friends provided support the entire weekend - invaluable when you are nearly immobile. Saturday's party was a success despite the rain and the fact that I could hardly walk - I never dreamed of having so many children in our playroom. The food was great -nutella brownies, a caterpillar cake (homemade by the Dogtor-artisan), 80's fruit dip...

Things our dear friends did for us:
  • cooked
  • cleaned
  • took a shot of horrendous iron tonic in a show of solidarity (for my anemia)
  • pushed Wumpus on the swing (More higher! More pushing, please.)
  • told good stories
  • gave inspired, thoughtful gifts
We closed out the weekend with some outside play - cue amazing cat-dog Pi and the Dogtor headbutting the goats (who loved it and responded by going bipdeal and headbutting back.)

Wumpus managed to obsess about her cake before and after naps and the next day - waking up to say: more catah-pillah cake, please?

Wumpus - and her parents - totally felt the love from friends and family this weekend. Gratitude!

Cartoon/crazed-cake image from Hyperbole and a Half

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  1. Wish we could have been there to hang with Fray!! I am glad she liked her microphone. I loved hearing her sweet little voice. Bo might be going big places with those cake skillz. I will order her gator boots to match the pimp chrome bike!