Monday, May 2, 2011

Rooster Grudge

Okay folks, it happened. The silkie rooster - damned thug! - attacked Wumpus.

She and the Dogtor were feeding the hen-girls clover (which they love) through the fence, and Wump walked away from the Dogtor, staying by the fence line, in la-la-toddler land. The rooster went all UFC and leaped onto the fence, grabbing her hand with his talons and clamping down, bruising and breaking the skin.

Wumpus came into the kitchen, where I was making dinner, and said: I have a boo boo on my hand.
Me: Where?
Wumpus: (shows hand)
Me: What - did a chicken bite you?
Wumpus: (nods)
Me: (laughs)
Dogtor: She's actually telling the truth.
Wumpus: I don't like it. I don't like rooster.
Me: (shock)

Ridgeley the Rooster was named for "the other guy in Wham!" Andrew Ridgeley, but has apparently grown out of his beta male status. (George was savagely attacking the hens, and I couldn't stand it - beatin' up on women. He ended up at a rescue down the road - a lady with a high tolerance for roosters.)

I know roosters will be roosters, but I'm not sure I can keep one that attacks toddlers as they're walking away. (And look, I know toddlers are weird and intimidating - but seriously? Pick a fight with a goat or something.)

Dilemma: Does the rooster go away? And if so, how? I'm not one for breaking necks. He's also a good first line of defense.

Maybe a hawk will take him away. Maybe I'll call the lady with the high tolerance for roosters. Maybe our coop is going to be less of a harem and more of a Ms. Magazine staff meeting in a few days.

(Photo - Ridgeley getting heavy handed with Djuna, the only hen smaller than he is.)

Wham! Photo Credit

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  1. You know, the rapture is this Saturday. I'm pretty sure God will take care of Ridgeley then.