Friday, June 3, 2011

A Calm West Wind

We are celebrating one week+ with Miss Emma Zephyr. Zephyr means "a calm west wind" - the god Zephyrus is the "gentlest of the winds" and brings spring.

The night - the moment - I gave birth, a giant storm raged outside our hospital window. High winds shook the panes and I could see lightning over the mountains.

A few days later, an epic hailstorm hit. The power was knocked out.

After some thought, I've decided on Zeph's lullaby: Storms, by Fleetwood Mac.

In other random "signs" I can't quite make sense of, a large snapping turtle appeared in our backyard this week. ?! (The Dogtor and his sister coaxed him into a bucket and got him to the pond down the road.)

Despite the fanfare, Zeph has so far been sweet, and we're thankful for her health and big cheeks. (See Pi keeping watch outside the window as she naps downstairs?)

Promise me I'll sleep again?!


  1. Tried to post this earlier and maybe it will work now...

    Maybe this will sound too woo-woo-new-agey, but I have been thinking a lot lately about whether what you might call animal spirits, and plant spirits, exist, and what kinds of signs they might offer, ever since I planted asparagus this spring and learned it is the "patron plant of patience." (From no less an authority than the founder of Seed Savers Exchange! :) Seems to me the turtle offers an auspicious sign for a new little baby's life: perseverance, self-sufficiency, determination, and patience. And with a good guardian kitty, too, smooth sailing ahead. :) hugs! A

  2. amy - i love this. and i need more asparagus in my life!!