Sunday, June 19, 2011

Survival Mode

When our first daughter was born, some good friends told us: For the first six weeks, you just survive.

So right now, we are in this sleepless zombie-mode again...only toss in a spirited toddler with a penchant for tantrums. We are humbled.

Other updates:
  • We just got 3 new chicks to strengthen our harem of hens!
  • The vegetable gardens are promising and no less ambitious than former years (thanks to the Dogtor. Thanks to Fray, too, who has taken her shovel and rake to the plots and done very little damage.)
  • The backyard contributes to dinner again - eggs and salad. salad and eggs.
  • Our friends got their annual piglets - so cute.
Here's to things growing - babies, vegetables, etc.

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