Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Blue Period

Frasier's favorite color is blue, and we have been informed that at "school" she has become possessive over the blue ball, the "blue baby" (plastic doll in a blue onesie), and blue construction paper during art time.

Though we are encouraging her to branch out (at least it's not pink!), we're also heartened by the fact that Picasso and Miles Davis went through something similar, and had good things to show for it.

Given her affinity for blue, it did not come as a surprise that she enjoyed the sport of blueberry picking.

With Zephyr in the stroller and Fray running wild with a carton, we managed to pick 4 pounds, which we promptly brought home and froze.

The day ended with a pool party, where Frasier dazzled all with her fearlessness (I jump now!).

After the bebes landed in bed, the Dogtor and I climbed out onto our roof and watched fireworks in the distance.

The first booms sent the coyotes into a frenzy - for a minute they were not predators whose racket sent a chill down my spine, but a pack of scared dogs wooping it up on the mountain.


  1. Fray must come to Van's 2 yr old bday party...its all about blue. She will love it! We should webcam soon so Fray can tell me all about it.

  2. the birds are eating all our blueberries, just before they are ripe enough to pick. how do you keep them away from yours?