Friday, July 1, 2011

Ode to Salad Spinner

Dear Salad Spinner,

You, quite simply, rock. You are an atrocious, look-at-me Velveeta yellow and made in the 80s - but you stand the test of time.

Without you, there would be aphids on the lettuce, manure on the spinach, cat pee on the kale.

Once, you even diverted a tantrum. (See this Frasier? It spins. Fast. You try. Good, good.)

I feel like a fool when I spin at maximum speed, but your whirring sound is, at the same time, gratifying.

You and I will clock major quality time together in the next three months.

In thanks, and in praise of your contribution to our sanitation efforts,


  1. love this. i just broke down and bought dear ben a salad spinner; it's the only kitchen tool he has ever wanted, and he has wanted it passionately, desparately, for years. ours doesn't have this beautiful hot-dog-mustard-yellow charm; it's a cold boring stainless. but still.

  2. I remember well playing with that exact salad spinner when I was a kid! I can still hear its distinctive hum... Never thought of using it as a tool of distraction, though. Genius! Thanks for the tip. : )

  3. Now all you need is Blondie & Dagwood's potato shooter!