Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Bad Day for Birds

Two major bird events today:

1. The Savage Spaniel Strikes Again: Bo and I put the girls down. Expecting 6 inches of rain, we set out into the garden for another night harvest, in case things get a little too wet. We heard the robins going nuts - then looked up to see Betsy with a baby robin in her mouth. The Dogtor rushed over to confirm the worst - the chick was mortally wounded. Very hard not to be mad at Betsy. I'm still giving her the cold shoulder even though I know her passion is instinct-driven.

2. The Thuggish Rooster Earns an Early Exit: The rooster - Ridgely - never leaves the fenced in coop area to follow the free range hens. Never, that is, until today. The Dogtor was fetching something in the barn. Frasier was feeding the hens - and suddenly the rooster went for her, knocking her down. The Dogtor arrived just in time to see the rooster attacking the back of her neck. She has scrapes and I have a visceral reaction to the story, even though I wasn't home at the time.

Goodbye, Ridgely. We will try and find you a home, but if not...sigh. Your time is up. You are a useless thug.

Feeling blue about these things. I love the rooster noise, and I ache for the robins, who fussed and fussed over the chick's body. Before heading inside tonight, I stood under the trees and apologized.


  1. As an amateur rural resident (18 years suburbs, followed by a score of years in the middle of cities, and now 9 years in wooded Bahama) my system is still shocked by these kinds of natural killings and attacks. I have been told that I'll harden to these kinds of events, which I encounter so much more frequently out where we live, but they leave holes in my heart every time, these so-natural attacks.

  2. Rob - I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've hardened a little, but only a little, and it doesn't compensate for the sheer volume of incidents we encounter here!