Monday, August 22, 2011


I'm a pretty devoted vegetarian, and have been for almost twenty years now, but I have this one weakness, and its name is Bacon. And every year, when the tomatoes ripen, I crave a BLT. So this year, like last year, I caved and we made amazing BLTs from local bread, our tomatoes, and our arugula.

I didn't make it through the entire sandwich. Guilt? Repulsion? Not sure. But those first bites were magical. (Yes. I am a flawed human being; I contain multitudes, etc.)

We paired the BLTs with sweet corn from the garden (bliss) and cucumber yogurt soup. The Dogtor said the soup was good, but that I hit the garlic a little hard. I always do.

For love of in-your-face flavor,

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