Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Family That Hikes Together

We have an hour and a half before sundown, or pre-dinner toddler melt down. But we all need walks - after a week of rain and cold weather on the horizon, the sun must be worshiped.

The buckle breaks on the big backpack - the Dogtor wraps it with duct tape (go-to cure all for Bergmans). Fray, already stuffed into the pack, is urging: I WANT TO GO NOW. (x100).

We set off across the highway and into the fields. Zephyr is drooling so much that I can't tell the difference between cold mud splattering my legs and her spit-up; I come home covered in both anyway. The Dogtor and I slosh through mud and standing water up the mountain trails, pausing to show Frasier mushrooms, toads, and ferns.

Frasier is determined that we should "GO UP THE MOUNTAIN. TO THE TOP." When we just do a short loop, she becomes enraged. Luckily, the backpack designers anticipated in-pack tantrums and created good straps.

Hiking with babies should be an Olympic sport.

All in good fun,

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  1. Yes -- I can relate on so many levels. Despite the effort and the unpleasant aspects, getting out is always SO much better than if you had stayed inside during the witching hour, right? Our version is a walk around the block, enjoying bumps in the sidewalk, dead ("sleeping") cicadas, and clanking grates.

    Hope all is well with you guys! Enjoy those raspberries...wish I could taste one. They're done here. : )