Monday, September 19, 2011

The Last Lake Trip of 2011

Who thinks of loading up the boat and taking the kids to the lake on a crisp, 30-something degree morning? We do.

The 30-something degree morning turned into a beautiful day - radiant sky, warm sun. We took the boat to our favorite island in Lake George - Floating Battery - had lunch and...swam. Or the Dogtor did. I turned blue watching him. Frasier, apparently, turned feral. (see photo).

I got some boat driving and baby cuddling in. When we came to shore, a fishing tournament was about to conclude, and a giant trailer was blasting country music. Fray and I boogied in the grass while the Dogtor re-attached the boat to the truck. The ride home was charming - tantrums, naps, me wedged between two car seats.

Highlight - loon sighting on the way into the harbor. Score! (Fray pronunciation: yoons.)

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