Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Yes, I believe Americans over-use quotation marks. But these are not haphazard quotation marks - I very much mean to imply: the so-called vacation.

Two kids and time away from home is fun. But it is also absurdly exhausting.

Best to focus on the fun part, which was traveling to Portsmouth, NH and then to Eliot and Kittery, Maine, where we got to visit wonderful friends and see the ocean, which always does this Carolina girl good.

Highlights: BYOB lobster joints. Cool beaches. Rocks. Ships. Sandy diapers. Bouncy house. Rainbow face paint. Old homes. Wooden boats. Getting lost on a run. Meeting bad ass booksellers. Breakfast place with 60s camp decor and homemade granola.

Portsmouth is charming with just enough bustle. Maine is elegantly austere and haunted. We will return.

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