Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vermont, Drowning

...and the rain continues. Vermont is dangerously drenched, yet again.

The outlook for VT's fall season is dismal. Damaged roads, inns, and bridges = a potentially bad leaf peeping season. (According to state officials, VT is determined to get roads open for Fall Foliage.) Want to do something kind? Plan a trip to VT. Or, like this plucky, saintly upstart on Main Street in Bennington, start a lemonade stand to help others. (Isn't she the sweetest?!)

Still, morale here is high, mostly because we've been lucky to avoid major damage - just a few leaky skylights and a wet basement. The sunflowers are enormous this year, and with the weight of the water and their giant heads, unable to support themselves - they look like shower fixtures.



  1. Dear Vermont,
    Please send some moisture to Central Texas? They could use it so. In return, Texas will send some fine tequila, fresh corn tortillas, and some nice warm sun to dry you up.

  2. We will bring our sump pump from Julian's.(I wish Evans could say "sump pump" in his sisther voice). YAY for a VT visit!! I bet the leaves will still be perty. Love Em

  3. 13 inches in greater Baltimore -- at least we don't get the mud. Thanks for the blog follow. A nice mention @ 3guys3book


  4. Alex - yes - have some rain! Em, can't wait to see you. And Linda - I truly love your blog and really related to your last post.