Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Airport Theater

We traveled to Raleigh this last week to spend time with my family, and headed back to Vermont on Monday. RDU to BWI was a flawless flight. Then enter a 2 hour layover at BWI with 2 kids under 3. We found a television that was playing cartoons - the Snorkels, specifically. Fray did some yoga and refused to nap. We could sense the storm on the horizon.

We boarded the plane. Zephyr was flirting with anyone who would look her way, then proceeded to blow out her diaper...on my lap. The second half of the flight was devoted to 1) praying Frasier didn't start screaming about the horrendous smell and 2) damage control- I swaddled Zeph in her changing pad and a cloth diaper (Believe me - there was NO changing this in the plane bathroom).

We made it off the plane. Frasier, woefully undernapped, lay down in the middle of the high traffic walkway to the gates at ALB and refused to get up. We huddled in an old payphone area (stripped of phones) and changed Bebe Z while Frasier yodeled and screamed and tried to eat an old potato chip off the floor.

Here's hoping your travels are just as fun.


  1. Oh, my goodness. Bless all y'all's hearts. I can feel the stress from here..... are you at home from now on? no more travels? (sounds like that's been enough for a while.) Merry Christmas!

  2. No more travels! Until next month. ;)