Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Egg Time

Christmas means family and entertaining, which means baking and cooking and the Edgeworth Eggnog Recipe, which means we need 1,000 eggs to get through the next week. Thankfully, the juvie hens are laying! Just.

The dark brown eggs are from Rosa, our Rhode Island Red (I think). The medium-colored large eggs are from the Barred Rock gals. The tiny eggs are from Djuna, our beloved silkie hen.

The girls have new feeders and water bowls which hang from the barn rafters and hover mere inches from the ground - the girls were, to put it bluntly, pooping in their food on the colder days when they didn't venture outside the stall.

I can't wait to add more silkies - and maybe some Polish hens? - to Miss Sophonsiba's Finishing School for Wicked Chicks in the spring.

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