Thursday, December 8, 2011

Posh Bags

A friend recently posted the NYT profile of Muffie Potter Aston, which contains paragraphs such as the following:
... My closet is color-coded so everything is easy to find. I put on a crisp white Carolina Herrera blouse, and over that, a cream leather Valentino jacket. The off-white wide-leg trousers were also Valentino, and they went with Giuseppe Zanotti camel-colored ostrich high heels and my saddle leather Birkin. I have everything in my Birkins. They hold my world together.
I traveled to NYC last week. I was in town for a party and to film a video for my book. I realized that I would be unable to open my makeup bag in front of anyone - I had stuffed it all in a Ziploc bag marked "Corn." Luxe, baby!

As soon as I got home, I dumped out the bag I used to carry my things to the city and used it to pick up the veggies for my CSA.

What holds my world together? Ziploc and LL Bean canvas bags.

In other words, Muffie and I have a lot in common. Off-white trousers are very practical in my life, also.

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