Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beach Time

After the Dogtor concluded his time at the veterinary conference, we rented a gas guzzler and drove two hours east to Vero Beach, where the people at the front desk said: "Welcome Home."

We took them seriously and felt no qualms coughing all over the place, throwing tantrums in the lobby, using their towels to mop spit up, etc.

Not knowing that we were a family with contagious bugs ranging from stomach flu to RSV, a nice couple stopped and offered to take our picture. Frasier, stealing a move from the pre-teen playbook, decided she was embarrassed to be photographed with her family, and promptly pulled her hat over her face, refusing to remove it.

I tried my best to soak up the sunshine. I think that picture of me has a little bit of a Wilson Phillips video-swagger vibe to it, right? And how handsome is the Dogtor?

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