Monday, January 2, 2012

Constructive Use of Your Brushpile

We brought the New Year in with an early bonfire, fattening food in slow cookers, fireworks, and shrieking toddlers.

The best part: being in bed by 11.

Or, maybe the fire department showing up because they thought our house was on fire. (We usually don't have to get a permit because of the snow - but there was no snow, and um, well, oversight on our part.) I think I owe the firemen a batch of cookies.

Two videos. One of the raging fire, the other of the fireworks (and crying children). Zeph dug it all (flapped her arms like a seagull) and Fray was cautious in her appreciation (she held my hand tightly, then said: I like blue.)

Scooty Beags demonstrated that without our guidance he would indeed quickly eliminate himself from the gene pool (well, if we're going to be technical about it, the Dogtor eliminated that possibility with a scalpel). But Old Scoots was walking across hot coals and putting himself into the fire to hunt critters who had nested in the brushpile. Clever savage, isn't he?



  1. Love Fray's comment. Children have such great timing. I'm sure the fire dept. visit was a hit with the kiddos. Happy new year!

  2. I agree: "I like blue" is so perfect. I always love reading about your life, Megan. Thanks for sharing! Loving the videos. xo

  3. Scootie beags...such a mindless daredevil. Van would have loved (and simultaneously feared) the firemen. Wish I could have had a bite of your slow cooker meal! Sounds delicious. Happy New Year!!