Sunday, March 27, 2011

At the Sugar Shack

It is still brutally cold here - 18 degrees and such - but at the recommendation of friends we found a great sugar shack where we could A) watch maple sap getting boiled down and B) eat pancakes with yummy syrup.

The place was buzzing - it was a group seating, grab your own hot chocolate kind of place - perfect for a Sunday morning. The boiler was loud, but the steam was beautiful.

Fray demonstrated remarkable utensil skills and managed not to fling maple syrup on innocent bystanders. The Dogtor put a dollop of the good stuff in the center of her plate, cut her pancake and let her go. She plate cleaned. Woop.

...and also ate a weird sausage that came on the side of the plate. I tried not to watch. (although with the recent anemia I have, admittedly, tried turkey twice and the occasional bite of bacon. All for iron levels, you know.)

Probably the first of a new spring tradition.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Concentrating on Spring Cheer

...instead of the snow storm outside.

We had a great time at the wedding of two incredible friends this weekend in Charlottesville. We also LOVED seeing our North Carolina family Wednesday and Thursday.

My mode of existence has now been reduced to Jabba the Hut. Not only am I 30+ weeks pregnant, but I'm apparently wildly anemic. When I mentioned my hematocrit levels in front of my veterinarian friends, they said: You're like an old cat.

Thank you.

And you may be wondering, after looking at the picture above (super plum!), how I manage to stay upright. I'm not really sure. I almost didn't while getting my cardio-vacuum on this morning.

So - after a weekend of travel and minor pregnant dancing, I'm jumping on the enormous pile of work and new baby preparation in front of me. And yes, we're still renovating/redecorating our house. And yes, this is all going to happen before the new baby arrives.

And no - do not say this to me: Are you having twins?

Or: There's an excellent neo-natal unit in Charlottesville.

Or: You must be about to give birth any day now!

Because I'm not. I have WEEKS of this left. Weeks. weeks. weeks.

Thank you for doing your part to preserve my self-esteem,

Sunday, March 13, 2011

One-Eyed Greatness

Kitteh Pi is, for the most part, thriving in his new life at the Mayhew-Bergman's.

He picked up the water system, and understands his kitchen clean-up duties well.

He's still getting beaten up by the other cats - he's a bit of an oaf and though he's larger than everyone, he's submissive. I love him for it, though he's not doing himself any favors. He gets the "zoomies" - zipping up and down the stairs and playing with anything that moves, though we think his depth perception is, understandably, a little off.

Pi's best quality is that he doesn't use his claws - he's a sweetheart with Fray - very trustworthy. With food on the counter, not so much - but cat-trust can only go so far.

Verdict = still smitten.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Ice of Late Winter

I'm learning that when you have kids, the general rule is that when you are at your most busy, when the weather is at its most treacherous, your beautiful daughter will wake up in a pool of vomit.

And rebound.

Yesterday was one of those days when I had to make peace with the weather in order to get things done, and after some grumbling I did. When we got up, it was below freezing. The power had flickered on and off during the night. A pine had fallen in the backyard, narrowly missing the boathouse. Everything - roads, trees, the driveway - was covered in a sheet of ice.

It's hard to feel good about ice when you're in your third trimester, but the sun came out in the afternoon, and suddenly I was reminded how beautiful it can be. Luckily the Dogtor came home from work early enough to take photos.

Note to self: You live in an astounding place.

March is cruel because there are light notes of spring in heavier notes of winter. The red-winged blackbirds are back. The sun melts a little of the snow each day. And just when you think you've seen your last day of snow, a storm comes again and seemingly wipes out the thawing progress.

And since I'm sitting in the hospital lab taking my mandatory pregnancy glucose test - and the man next to me just issued a series of growling political threats - and I just drank 10 ounces of sugar water - I'm going to focus on how beautiful the sun is coming through the ice-covered trees, the wild child inside of my belly, and the amazing breakfast feast I'm going to reward myself with in approximately half an hour.

Or I could let one of my favorite line's from Jane Kenyon's poem "The Clothes Pin" do the heavy lifting:

How much better it is
to carry wood to the fire

than to moan about your life.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Smug Winter Faces

Oh little blue-faced containers - so meh about winter, so glib, so omnipresent. Always on the verge of a wisecrack. Soon you will be forgotten.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's Scarier?

Three medium dogs on the couch with laser eyes - OR - Kevin Garnett?

What's going down today: Laundry. Dinner already made. Fray at school. Car filled up with gas. Instructions for OPA for watching Wump because I'm at the Celtics game tonight with Dogtor. Conference calls. Edits. Workout. A visit to a Brattleboro salvage yard. Boston. Dinner with friends. Celtics vs. Phoenix Game (look for the super-preggo girl in a green scarf). Back to VT. Crash.

My body is still recovering from the metal folding chair I spent quality time in yesterday while attending to my first Justice of the Peace Duties...election help. If I walk into the Garden like the Tin Man, I'll be right on par with half the Celtics team.

Music for the car ride - Shaq's discography. On second thought...

KG Photo Credit