Monday, June 27, 2011

The Big Reveal

The cover art for my first book, Birds of a Lesser Paradise! Thank you, Scribner Art Department - you guys make beautiful things.


Summer, Off and Out of the Ground

  • Zephyr is way sweet and has cheeks and a faux-hawk to die for.
  • The Dogtor continues to be husband/father/gardener/veterinarian/pancake specialist/pool boy/ extraordinaire.
  • New chicks are getting big.
  • Discovered 3+ wild turkeys and 20+ chicks. Betsy Spaniel, aka Savage Spaniel, turned her head and missed them while they were 20 feet away in the back field. Thank God.
  • The barn is full of baby swallows - and divebombing mamas and papas. This fact is not lost on the cats, who are hanging around underneath the nests like a bunch of thugs.
  • The garden is mostly happy from all the rain - and suddenly I realize I need to get my act together and start putting up spinach. Why do I always miss the perfect baby spinach window?
  • Pears are happening. Fingers crossed they make it to their delicious stage. Pear crisp! Pear and blue cheese salads!
The other highlight of my life is what comes out of Frasier's mouth these days. She likes to pretend she's on the phone. This morning the conversation went something like this - while we were driving to "school":

Frasier, into plastic phone: "Oh Hi Gigi. Uh huh. Mhmm. Yeah. Okay." (Gigi is her 92 year old great -grandmother)
Me: "How's Gigi this morning, Frasier?"
Frasier: "Old."

While changing Zephyr in front of her:

Frasier: "Zephyr did a big poop?"
Me: "Yes. A big yellow poop."
Frasier: "Can I see it?"
Me: "I guess so." (shows diaper).
Frasier: "Don't eat that."
Me: "I won't. "

The rest I'll let the (impoverished cell phone camera) photo essay take care of. I never imagined this life, but I love it.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Survival Mode

When our first daughter was born, some good friends told us: For the first six weeks, you just survive.

So right now, we are in this sleepless zombie-mode again...only toss in a spirited toddler with a penchant for tantrums. We are humbled.

Other updates:
  • We just got 3 new chicks to strengthen our harem of hens!
  • The vegetable gardens are promising and no less ambitious than former years (thanks to the Dogtor. Thanks to Fray, too, who has taken her shovel and rake to the plots and done very little damage.)
  • The backyard contributes to dinner again - eggs and salad. salad and eggs.
  • Our friends got their annual piglets - so cute.
Here's to things growing - babies, vegetables, etc.

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Calm West Wind

We are celebrating one week+ with Miss Emma Zephyr. Zephyr means "a calm west wind" - the god Zephyrus is the "gentlest of the winds" and brings spring.

The night - the moment - I gave birth, a giant storm raged outside our hospital window. High winds shook the panes and I could see lightning over the mountains.

A few days later, an epic hailstorm hit. The power was knocked out.

After some thought, I've decided on Zeph's lullaby: Storms, by Fleetwood Mac.

In other random "signs" I can't quite make sense of, a large snapping turtle appeared in our backyard this week. ?! (The Dogtor and his sister coaxed him into a bucket and got him to the pond down the road.)

Despite the fanfare, Zeph has so far been sweet, and we're thankful for her health and big cheeks. (See Pi keeping watch outside the window as she naps downstairs?)

Promise me I'll sleep again?!