Monday, December 26, 2011

Interview with Flyway

Thankful to have been interviewed by the folks at Flyway, a journal of writing and environmental concerns.

Read it here.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Solstice Party

Footage from OPA's solstice party - giant, flaming logs on our volleyball court paired with singing. My baby monitors contributed a steady out-of-range beep throughout. The night was capped off with an obnoxious but wonderful firework display that scared the dogs but did not wake the girls. No goats were sacrificed.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Airport Theater

We traveled to Raleigh this last week to spend time with my family, and headed back to Vermont on Monday. RDU to BWI was a flawless flight. Then enter a 2 hour layover at BWI with 2 kids under 3. We found a television that was playing cartoons - the Snorkels, specifically. Fray did some yoga and refused to nap. We could sense the storm on the horizon.

We boarded the plane. Zephyr was flirting with anyone who would look her way, then proceeded to blow out her diaper...on my lap. The second half of the flight was devoted to 1) praying Frasier didn't start screaming about the horrendous smell and 2) damage control- I swaddled Zeph in her changing pad and a cloth diaper (Believe me - there was NO changing this in the plane bathroom).

We made it off the plane. Frasier, woefully undernapped, lay down in the middle of the high traffic walkway to the gates at ALB and refused to get up. We huddled in an old payphone area (stripped of phones) and changed Bebe Z while Frasier yodeled and screamed and tried to eat an old potato chip off the floor.

Here's hoping your travels are just as fun.

And I Said Unto Him...Give Me Your Cans

A gem from our trip to NC last week - just outside of Winston-Salem: Aluminum Can Drive for Jesus.

Comfort Food

Two dishes I'm serving tonight:

1) Kale, white bean, orzo, and sausage soup
2) Fannie Farmer's Classic Baked Macaroni (photo taken before tonight's baking with buttered breadcrumbs)

I wish I hadn't looked at the caloric details for the mac n' cheese. Wow. But, after tasting the sauce, a bowl of this stuff might be worth the 8 mile run it takes to counteract the cheesy indulgence.

the faithless vegetarian who cooks meat dishes for her carnivorous family and friends


the health food addict who makes dishes only the Dogtor (and his metabolism-from-God) can eat without worry, while I watch on with sad puppy dog eyes

Egg Time

Christmas means family and entertaining, which means baking and cooking and the Edgeworth Eggnog Recipe, which means we need 1,000 eggs to get through the next week. Thankfully, the juvie hens are laying! Just.

The dark brown eggs are from Rosa, our Rhode Island Red (I think). The medium-colored large eggs are from the Barred Rock gals. The tiny eggs are from Djuna, our beloved silkie hen.

The girls have new feeders and water bowls which hang from the barn rafters and hover mere inches from the ground - the girls were, to put it bluntly, pooping in their food on the colder days when they didn't venture outside the stall.

I can't wait to add more silkies - and maybe some Polish hens? - to Miss Sophonsiba's Finishing School for Wicked Chicks in the spring.

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

A Family Pile

This happens. (Note Zephyr feet underneath the book and cat at the bottom.)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Tree

On an unseasonably warm day last week, we went to a tree farm and selected our Christmas tree. Everyone except Zephyr took a turn with the handsaw, including Frasier, who then proceeded to jump on our backs as we tended to business.

As usual, our safety measures were exemplary.

(And yeah. Don't think I can't relate this back to George Michael. I can.)

Posh Bags

A friend recently posted the NYT profile of Muffie Potter Aston, which contains paragraphs such as the following:
... My closet is color-coded so everything is easy to find. I put on a crisp white Carolina Herrera blouse, and over that, a cream leather Valentino jacket. The off-white wide-leg trousers were also Valentino, and they went with Giuseppe Zanotti camel-colored ostrich high heels and my saddle leather Birkin. I have everything in my Birkins. They hold my world together.
I traveled to NYC last week. I was in town for a party and to film a video for my book. I realized that I would be unable to open my makeup bag in front of anyone - I had stuffed it all in a Ziploc bag marked "Corn." Luxe, baby!

As soon as I got home, I dumped out the bag I used to carry my things to the city and used it to pick up the veggies for my CSA.

What holds my world together? Ziploc and LL Bean canvas bags.

In other words, Muffie and I have a lot in common. Off-white trousers are very practical in my life, also.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Early signs of Bebe Z's career in bullfighting?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Kiss for PW

Dear Publisher's Weekly: I love you. Thanks for making this real, and for talking about my book in such a smart way. I love that feeling of learning something about my own work.

Read the PW review here. (Starred! Happy robot dance!)

Pinch me.